2025 Tribe Miami Club Season

Join us for the 2025 Tribe Miami club season!
Tribe Miami tryouts are July 13th! Make up tryouts are August 17th and August 31st.

The Tribe Way

A few Tribe principles - how we learn (mindful reps)/ Developing a growth mindset

“By centering our coaching on correct principles, we create a solid foundation for development. Unlike ideas based on people or things which are subject to frequent and immediate change, correct principles do not change. They don't depend on the behavior of others or the current fad for their validity. They are not here on day and gone the next. Even in the midst of people or circumstances that seem to ignore principles, we can be secure in the knowledge that principles are bigger than people or circumstances and that thousands of years of history have seen them triumph, time and time again.” - Stephen R. Covey